Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its my birthday, and I can smile if I want to!

Today was a GREAT day! I was expecting the worst birthday of my life, since I'm away from my family. Granted, that's how I imagined it to be this morning, when no one walked into my room and sang happy birthday. I was considering just sleeping through the whole morning, since I had the assumption that we wouldn't be in class until 12 today, and was thinking that this swimming morning at the pubic pool might be too cumbersome.

I'm glad my mother called me this morning and got me out of my bed, because I had one of the best birthdays EVER :D

The morning dance was the usual stuff, but bearable, though once I got to pool with the others, I knew it would be fun. Its been a long time since I was in a pool like this. The chlorine was refreshing to my nose, and to be fully immersed in water was heavenly. It felt like one of my pool birthday parties back in Chile.

After that joyous swim with my friends, we went to this Italian restaurant where they had an all you can eat buffet. It was lovely as well, trying out alot of food and condiments with my plate and just having a nice time chatting with everyone.

Then after that I went home to bake a cake, which after the day became three cakes, since I noticed more people would want to eat. Brought them to the chillax room and we all had cake. Marie Antoinette would be proud!

After the cake, they told me to open this envelope. In it was a card congratulating me and another sheet of paper with a map! It was a scavenger hunt! I followed all the lead, until I had all the sheets, and was told to flip them over. There were letters on them! I put them together and got MARVEL BOY. They had drawn the character on the white board, and he was pointing somewhere, underneath the podium, and underneath there were two movies :D Zoolander and The Italian Job. I was pleasantly surprised and almost wanted to cry, because it was so sweet of everyone here. I hope I can make their birthdays just as nice :)

Well, gotta go soon, theres TAW Talk at school, and don't want to miss it :D Seeyou!

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  1. oooh humph!! you are so sweet! You deserve it! You know al the class we love our super hero fan ;) Im glad you had fun! :) cheers!