Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2nd day!

Well, today was the second day, and now we got to work a little more with our film. Me and my team members finally agreed on a 30 second segment from this sound clip we got, and started storyboarding. Eventually we got 4 different takes on the story, though often times having something similar and in common. By the end of class we finally had a rough storyboard together, that we all agreed on. But now we have to see how it works in response to the pacing of the clip. Changes will probably be made, but at least we have something done for the preparation. Now we just have to get an art style done, design characters and actually animate the thing. Should be fun :)

We also got a homework for Friday, to write an ESSAY! I thought I was done with that! :O Oh well, at least the IB has given me plenty of practice with those :P And its just one page, so I should manage ^^

I'll upload the clip once we are done, which should be sometime next week. Wish me luck :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school!

Today was a great day! Such a great start of my education,

and I doubt it will be the best day of the whole time!

Lots of new students here amongst old friends, making a

great blend of reliable comrades and interesting propects.

Lots of new nationalities being blended in, amongst them

Swiss, Icelandic, English, American and Estonian. Its going

to be one smorgoaes bord of exciting people!

After getting a lecture about the history of animation as

well as computer graphic arts we were put into groups of 4

to make a short film! We have a time limit of two weeks,

and will have to make a story revolving a pre selected sound

clip, as well as include a list of assorted objectives. Me

and my team mates have listened to the clip and sketched and

brainstormed a bit, and by tomorrow we will share our own

pitches to each other in terms of which 30 seconds of the

clip we wish to animate.

This is so interesting for me, because I have usually always

worked alone in animation. I didn't know anyone else with

the skill, or more importantly, the interest to make

animated films. But now I'm grouped together with 3 other

people who are arguably MORE skilled than me, and just as

motivated and interested in making an awesome film!

I believe my little drawing below sums up my thoughts about

the transition from before the Animation Workshop, to after

^^ (not that I was depressed before, just not as excited!)
Wish me luck in the coming years, and keep an eye out in the credits after that in animated films and TV shows. You are bound to see my name there ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well, here's the next one of our caricature project :) This is some football player (what? I don't know anything about Football :P ) that has a really cool face, especially when he yells, which is why he got to look the way he did ^^

Monday, August 2, 2010

Yes suh!

Here is a little drawing I've doodled with for a couple of days. I don't usually draw (somwhat) realistically proportionate characters, nor this Disney 'prince' style look, but after spreading the gospel of Princess and the Frog (showed it to my cousins, making it my 4th time watching it now) I was in a Disney mood, so I just started doodling. This is what I came up with :P