Monday, September 27, 2010

Ball with attitude (and tail!)

Well, update time :)

This time around its a ball that has a hateful personality. We all drew cards from a hat and each got a unique and difficult emotion or personality. I found this emotion very tricky, since the ball could not bend out of its shape in its key held poses, and the tail could not be used for acting. So little less of a week went through to make this little gem :P

In all seriousness, my teacher said that the ball itself was drawn nicely and had some good poses and ideas, but the follow through of the tail was rather chaotic, and as a whole, its difficult to read the personality properly, both due to some choices in action as well as the tail (someone mentioned that it looked like he was wagging his tail in the middle).

Oh well, I learned alot from it, and now its an exciting exercise, we're doing the flour sack animation! :D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Illusion of Life!

Finally a post, and such a nice one too :)

These are all the little short exercises I have done since after the first film, but that was a collaborative effort. Now these are all 100% me, and am quite happy with a few of them. I didn't know I had could do stuff like this. We have learned all kinds of stuff about timing and spacing, two key things with animation, as well as squash and stretch. Next up is secondary action.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My first collaborated short film

This is it, two weeks of work created this! And I couldn't be happier! :D

Now, to make sure everyone understands, I haven't done EVERYTHING in this. For example, I only did one background, the one with the bones, and didn't do all the coloring on all scenes and such. However, I did do alot of the animation and colored alot of the 'cels' and did some editing and timing, all in all making my contribution 1/4. Fitting, since it was a team of 4 :)

Tell me what you think, and use this as a reference to see how much more amazing I will become later :P

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Animation test

Well, heres a little something that I've done. It was just a little test in order to figure out how the character was built and how she would move, so this shot won't be in the final film. I just thought those interested could take a peek, to see what I'm up to :)

Its going realy well otherwise with the animation. Can't wait for Friday when we get to see everyone's 30 second shorts.