Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Heres a little update. Dinner today was made by Manno, one of the greeks, who made a pasta with tuna fish sauce and lintel sallad. I'm sure Lotta will be pleased by the sound of that dinner ^^

Been working hard in class, actually seem to have a pretty good long study in the works, hope it can end well and use it for my portfolio.

And heres a little picture update, some funny cartoons with voluptuous girls ^^ Inspired after having read a blog post about a recently deceased Playboy artist whose work was shown on the post.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Late post!

Yes, pardon me, didn't update Friday or Saturday. Simply didn't get around to doing it...

However, I'll rectify that immediately!

Friday was a pretty calm day, where we got to eat cakes and watc ha slide show where Artem demonstrated his art as a whole, alot of his paintings he made in his youth as well as more recent work. It was pretty interesting to see one's master in such a light since so far all we get is his Godlike wisdom in drawing. Then seeing what he does when he's not helping us made him more human in my eyes.

After that I took it easy, working on my portfolio after a siesta. Made some funny drawings, I wonder if I should keep them?

Saturday was pretty much wasted, drew some superheros at one point, but other than that it was pretty much just sleep, eat, sleep, play.

And today I'm working on my self portrait that we have for homework. Looking kind of good right now, lets see how it turns out in the end.

Down here we have the two drawings that showed noticable improvement from before.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another dinner and a movie

Today I had my weekly dinner with Anne, and she and her boyfriend had made home made pizzas for us, one with chicken, another with ham. It was actually quite delicious, not to say that I expected less, but still, took me aback with the glorious taste. Then while we ate we watched some cartoons online on their TV, watching some old Looney Toons and stop motion films, before watching Mary and Max. Great movie! So depressing, yet so funny.

Heres the trailer for it, I definitely recommend it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dinner and a movie

Nothing to show today, too tired to scan, so I'll just talk about my dinner I took part of :)

Dionysis made us all Zubklai (however you spell that) and it was very tasty, with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, tsatziki and potatoes. He put all of that stuff on some pita bread for the each of us, and gobbled it down fast. Very tasty, salivatingly good :P

Then after we said our goodbyes I went back to my building where I saw some other friends watching The Incredibles. Went into my room quickly to leave my stuff and ran back down to watch it. Such a great movie, as Bjorn increasingly made note of "I love this scene" was the most used quote during the period of time, since he said it every scene :D

Didn't write for two days simply because I had nothing to say. Otherwise I'm good and working hard on art, though I find it frustrating constantly having trouble with modeling and rendering.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lots of Fun stuff and a story!

At the top here is a story board I made Wednesday evening, after having drawn the entire story as a comic first. But comparing them then this is certainly better. However, there are some things that are unfortunate about the change, since now all these vertical panels I made had to be redesigned for the more common horizontal format. Oh well, have gotten some pretty good feedback on it, just think I will improve some panels to make things more clear.

This above here are some exercises I made in class for Klaus, the teacher for Tuesday and Wednesday. He wanted us to make a 6 panel story whilst playing around with the angles and composition.
This is something I did today. I'm actually pretty pleased with it. Its kind of cool and professional looking, almost like a panel in a french album comic. Well, maybe not THAT good, but still pretty good :)
I did this yesterday, and looking back at it now it looks kind of suckish in comparison to the above one. By the way, those lines inbetween the two cars are supposed to be tire marks from swerving on the bridge.

And now let me tell you about last night:

I was invited with some good friends to go to this bar here in Viborg called 'Chaplin', and after first being at the home of one of our friends to collect everyone, we went there. Typical kind of bar, sorta small but what do I know? Free beer though after you pay the 50 DKK admission, not that that was anything spectacular, seeing how I don't drink anyways.

Anyways, its typical kind of atmosphere there, we sit along a table and drink, talk, before we go to the middle in front of the DJ and dance. Pretty fun for a while, though I bore quickly in these situations.

However, then came the crazy stuff. We have mixed information regarding specific details, but from how I understand and remember there were three Danish guys there who took a look at one of my friends and believed the fact he had eye liner on was enough reason to try and beat him up. Good thing we were about 8 together, fending of most of their advances, and some of the staff did good too. However, the tension got high, and those guys left. After some more dancing we decided to leave as well.

After some walking and splitting up for a while they came towards us again as we walked our way to the home of half our company. They followed us while taunting, in a somewhat civil manner yet provocative none the less up to the house. We all got inside and closed the door, but they were pushing and slamming on the door themselves, and it appears that their door is kind of tricky to lock, since you seem to have to flick some kind of thing on the side before locking, a hard thing to do when you are trying desperately to keep the door shut. Eventually we did lock it during a moment of silence, and with fear of how long they would stay, we decided to all remain in their apartment and sleep through the night.

This all lasted from about 22:00 to 02:00.

And people wonder why I don't drink.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Portfolio Week

Phew, just got home after spending 3 hours making a story board.

Today and yesterday was interesting. Our guest teacher/lecturer was this guy called Klaus who knew everything there was to know about story boarding and writing, and was very much fun listening to him describing things like the "Hero's Journey" and camera angles.

Today he also talked about film and television in the USA compared to Europe, and that was very interesting to hear, with lots of information about new shows I haven't heard much about and more talk about pitching things and studio economics.

I tried improving a drawing today, check it out. The first one is the original, then the rest is me trying to make a better drawing of the character.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Beginning of Portfolio Week

This week we are all going to work on our portfolios, having us do exercises and getting lots of feedback on the drawings we have made so far and suggestions for newer ones. Today was great, having talked to Caroline and gotten some great critique that I hope will go well later.

I'll bring the drawings home tomorrow so you can see what I have.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sad sad sad...

Tough day today, lots of talk about my drawings putting me in a bad mood, especially since my life as a whole was brought into the conversation. So I've been in a bad mood the majority of the day, though it was alleviated somewhat this evening when I watched Tokyo Godfather with some friends :) Made a Salmon Teriyaki Noodle meal for dinner today by the way ^^

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Curry Dinner!

Hoo boy, for the weekly dinner I made for Anne today I did a chicken curry mix with rice. It was pretty good, except that it was pretty spicy :P Oh well, have some left, so I'll need to eat it up ^^

Been working with a nude model today as well as drawing a greek bust, though I dislike this bust due to the facial hair it has, which blends into the skin of the stone. Makes it tricky to draw. I'll post up images of that soon.

In the meantime, here are 2 drawings I'm thinking for my portfolio. Any greatness in them?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Up above here is my rendition of a drawing DaVinci has made. We got photocopies from Artem and had to follow it by drawing on the same format and trying to follow his strokes. Trickier than it sounds. Also, its cut off a bit here because I couldn't fit it all in my scanner. Overall he didn't like it for reasons to complex to repeat here.

Also, I didn't have the meeting today since she sent an email this morning saying she was sick. Typical my luck :P

And oh, for dinner I made Florence Dumas amongst 4 friends, and it turned out great with positive reviews :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hang em High

Well, been a while since an update. Haven't scanned anything in from class in a while so I thought I'd show some stuff that will be in my portfolio.

Here below is a pilot hanging from a plane.

And here is a cowboy riding a horse.
And here is a cowboy running from another cowboy :)

I was in a cowboy mood that day ^^

Otherwise, today was pretty decent, though got negative critique for my DaVinci hands I drew, though understandable when I look at them after whats said. I'll scan them in some time.

Whats interesting is tomorrow is my meeting with the KAU coordinator, where she is going to give me tips and advice on my portfolio. I'm currently doing some perspective drawings for it so I hope it won't be too bad for the time being.

Wish me luck ^^