Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, here's the next caricature as an exercise between my peers. This time it was Angelina Jolie.

Personally I think it looks better than my previous Hendrix one, but I think mostly because it looks more polished despite being all pencil. Unfortunately, once more she's not all that caricaturized. Her lips are a little larger and her head shape is a little longer, but thats about it. Lets see what celebrity Dionysis chooses for us to harass next ^^


  1. Cool! I like it. The head is a little squished, and her arm looks like she's anorexic… But otherwise, I could recognize her.
    Not trying to be mean… just wanted to give you some criticism. It's good to see you worked today :)

    I hope next weeks is Johnny Depp ^^

  2. Johnny Depp hmmm good suggestion, even though very common subject and i don't prefer those.

    Humphrey don't be afraid to exaggerate. Try to understand what are the shapes of the characteristics of her face, which ones are that characterise her, and the shape of the face itself, and push and pull them ;)

    Humprhey you are the next to choose subject for next Sunday.
    But we are waiting for Natalia to catch up with Jimi and Angelina, and then we continue ;)

  3. Thanks for the tips Dionysis, lets see how the next one goes ;)

    Hmm, I get to choose you say? Let's see... Groucho Marx! :D He's almost a living caricature anyways ^^