Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duck Soup

Well, this was the next one of the caricature challenges that me, Dionysis and Natalia are doing. This was my own suggestion, having been a great fan of this actor since a child, always loving that unique and easily recognizable face of his.
Here's the caricature itself. I am actually quite pleased with it, compared to my previous two drawings I've done so far. Then again, this time I really went carefully along with it, and also had the life line of having done this in photoshop, having the ever helpful ctrl+z to save me ^^

And below here we have the studies I did before drawing the final image, using these as help for when designing and drawing it. Numbers show the order I made them in, and all were based on different photographs of said actor.

Next week is Carles Puyol. Never heard of him, but this picture of him makes me like him ^^


  1. That's great! You've got improvement!

    Great process you followed here ;)

  2. hey man!! youre doing good! I hope next time with color ;)
    Sorry guys for delay... :s im working on it and with a lot of sketching and watercolors..and of course working for earn some money for the school :S
    But i have to say that i love the second and the third sketch you did :) is really him! :D
    Hugs to you two guys! :D