Monday, September 27, 2010

Ball with attitude (and tail!)

Well, update time :)

This time around its a ball that has a hateful personality. We all drew cards from a hat and each got a unique and difficult emotion or personality. I found this emotion very tricky, since the ball could not bend out of its shape in its key held poses, and the tail could not be used for acting. So little less of a week went through to make this little gem :P

In all seriousness, my teacher said that the ball itself was drawn nicely and had some good poses and ideas, but the follow through of the tail was rather chaotic, and as a whole, its difficult to read the personality properly, both due to some choices in action as well as the tail (someone mentioned that it looked like he was wagging his tail in the middle).

Oh well, I learned alot from it, and now its an exciting exercise, we're doing the flour sack animation! :D

1 comment:

  1. Looking good. First it's a ball. Now a ball with a tail. Next you'll be making a feature length animated Disney movie! (with me as the director *winkwinknudgenudge*)

    But in all seriousness, I don't think the emotion of anger would have been apparent to me, if you hadn't told me… I think what would have made the emotion come across better, would be if there was some Mickey-Mousing music to accompany it. Without the music it just looks like a very heavy ball, that hates Jungle Book 3. I know that wasn't part of the assignment – I'm just adding a little creative criticism. ^^

    The animation however was very nice. Again looking very professional. Also I find the tail to be quite correct while the ball is in the air – maybe it would have been easier to understand if the whole animation was slower. Actually… that's it. I know you had a 10 second limit – but this animation needs more time. I think the emotion would have been brought across much better if the bounces had been slower. For example, if the ball had paused every time it hit the ground, then went for the next bounce.

    I think what you're doing, is thinking too big. You have a great mind, and a brilliant imagination. You just need to realize that you're doing a 10 seconds animation, try not to pack to much into it.

    So that's my little essay – sorry if I came across as nitpicking… you know I mean it well :)