Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Heres a little update. Dinner today was made by Manno, one of the greeks, who made a pasta with tuna fish sauce and lintel sallad. I'm sure Lotta will be pleased by the sound of that dinner ^^

Been working hard in class, actually seem to have a pretty good long study in the works, hope it can end well and use it for my portfolio.

And heres a little picture update, some funny cartoons with voluptuous girls ^^ Inspired after having read a blog post about a recently deceased Playboy artist whose work was shown on the post.


  1. Wow… those pictures are pretty nice.
    Especially the "Nice Melons" one :P
    That was funny :D

  2. Ser du att det finns fler här i världen som äter tonfisksås. Väldigt bra bilder, den sista tycker jag är roligast