Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blind Date

January 7th

Well, today was interesting. Today we paired up again with someone of the opposite sex and then that person had to guide us through Viborg while their partner had their eyes closed. I had my eyes closed so I was being guided first, and it was quite an experience. I have done this exercise before, but never in snow! So it was very difficult climbing around trying to not slip, but my partner was doing a good job. When I opened my eyes they had taken us to the lake, which was fully frozen, and it was beautiful!

Then I had to lead my partner back to school, which went well I guess. She arrived in one piece, that counts for something :)

Then dancing and meditating for the rest of the day. Then tonight there will be a dinner at the school pub. That will be fun ^^

1 comment:

  1. Sounds more like you are at some sort of "get in touch with your feelings" sort of place :P
    No mention of any art, just all these "exercises"... I initially thought when I read "Blind Date" that you had gotten a date, and I got all excited ^^

    Oh well, it's nice to hear what you are up to, even when you don't come online :)