Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dinner Time

Today I thought I'd show a picture of a meal I made today :D

I made a teriyaki pork noodle thing :D It actually tasted very good, and think I will do it some other time as well ^^

Also, Natalia drew me this during the croquis this evening ^^

Its kind of true what it says, since Artem always praised me for my inking techniques last year, yet now he changed his mind about them, so that makes me a sad Humphrey :(

Also, tomorrow there is a bachelor screening of all the films the students have made throughout the year. Thats going to be really cool ^^


  1. You really do look better without the beard :D
    I also have no beard :( It makes me sad :'(

  2. Heyyy for me you are still thee king of the ink! ;)