Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First and Second Day

This here will be my blog for the next half year or so, chronicling my days here at the Drawing Academy. Yesterday was the first day, but I got this idea first today. So either way, here we go, my digital online journal.

January 4th

First day, the usual things really. Everyone gets huddled into a room, most people are quiet, apprehensive about each other, while people who already know each other from before begin speaking amongst themselves. Cake was served alongside coffee and tee, and thus people's moods were lifted. There are now 6 Foreigners including myself (if you would call a Swede in Denmark a foreigner):
  • The girl from Spain (she was here last year as well)
  • Two Guys from Greece
  • A girl from Chile which is fun since I spent most of my childhood there
  • And a Venezuelan guy who has lived very long here in Denmark and thus speaks Danish fluently, so he's not as much of a foreigner as the rest of us.
It was mostly discussion amongst all of us, with surprisingly no introductions from us. That was saved for the next day. Other than that, not much to say, except for the field trip into town to get sketchbooks and spending the rest of the day doodling in our books.

January 5th

Today was exhausting! We spent most of today in a new building where we basically danced ourselves silly for the first few hours, really working up a sweat amongst each other before lunch, when we got a chance for a shower as well. We also got to take part of a disguised dating service, where everyone was grouped together in couples, and made exercises together. Not that I mind ^^. After that it was mostly yoga and meditation, where we tried drawing without looking at the paper but while trying to feel the aura of our partner. Was weird and I got mostly zombies out of it, but fun. Lots of talking about our mind and lots of zen speeches, but all in all a nice day, as long as we don't do it as much next week. In fact, I felt like I was a character from Fame at times today with all the dancing around :P Next week more drawing ^^

Oh, a side note, this week we sort of have a project to fill up a sketch book by Thursday. Will see how it goes, but should be fine.

Alright, happy hunting people :)

P.S. The name of the blog comes from something my teacher said last year about a someone's drawing. "What is this shit? Looks like a fly shitted all over the page!"

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