Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Phew, I'm tired today. Very danceable music today in morning dance, intensive (more so than usual) drawing in Artem's class, long discussion about passion, which Artem definitely had, ripping of his cast so that he could draw better during the lesson.

Then after that I took a walk to FOTEX but on the way met up with Sascha and we went to this cafe where she had a coupon, but the cafe had summer vacation apparently...

Then I went to my resumed weekly dinner with Anne and Hermann in the other building, and we watched A Matter of Loaf and Death as we ate an amazing pasta with a creamy salmon sauce with fried bacon, bread and parmesan, topped of with Straciatella ice cream for dessert. How am I going to top that next week? :O

Then after that it was Improv, which was fun. Lots of laughs and lots of movement and creativity everywhere, leading to fun ideas and performances. We even discussed about what we would like to do throughout the year, such as what games or activities we would prefer.

And then after THAT I had to do my homework, which was to outline the study we had done earlier on a new sheet of paper and then draw the skeleton inside it. It came out so so, and I am really tired right now, so I didn't scan anything of this in, so merely a textual post today. Will scan in some more later ^^

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