Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days!

January 8th

Well, would you know it? Yesterday we were told to bring with us swimming wear. I wasn't really sure to what purpose, though I had my suspicions. And they frightened me...

Yes dear readers, I swam in the snow today. About 30 something young aspiring artists ran out into the sub zero temperatures to frolic in the frozen wasteland that is Viborg. But it was actually not so bad! Sure, I couldn't feel my feet for most of the day, but you really felt fresh after that, really revived and alive.

And so far I haven't gotten any cold :D No pictures though because it happened very quickly, and everyone joined in, so there wasn't a chance to take them. Some other time perhaps ^^

Now its the weekend, and I hooked up my TV and PS2, and am about to watch Star Trek :D Hope everyone else has a nice weekend!

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