Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Portrait time!

I scanned in a drawing that I made today. A while ago I drew in this manner, but I think it looks pretty decent for first real drawing in a while.
He's a model from last year, he's really good. This won't get finished, otherwise I think I would have remade some portions and made some more finishing touches. But for a 3 hour study its not too bad. For homework we were drawing skulls, which got me in the mood for the Phantom :P

And oh, someone drew me while we were drawing the skulls :D It was given to me in silence, so I don't know who made it yet. I'll credit it later ^^

EDIT: It was Natalia who drew it :) Should have assumed since she was the one who gave it to me ^^

And I got my scanner to work! Found the cords. They were in a bag I had with me :P

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